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Woodstock Helicopters Pvt. Ltd. has two young professionals, who are also serving as the Directors of the company.

Capt  Aru Raghuvanshi, Director

Capt Aru Raghuvanshi, Chairman & Director

An accomplished Electronics Engineer and a Commercial Pilot Licence holder from Federal Aviation Administration, USA; Civil Aviation Authoriy of Philippines, Manila; and Indian DGCA. He has served as Pilot with Kingfisher Airlines in India and as a Certified Flight Instructor and Ground Instructor in the Philippines. An ardent Electronics hobbyist, he has a flying experience of over 7 years, and experience of 8 years in fields of Marketing and Business Development in the Aviation and other commercial sectors.

Dr. Sheet Raghuvanshi, CEO

Dr. Sheet Raghuvanshi, CEO & Director

An accomplished Doctor of Medicine, Dr. Raghuvanshi the is Chief Executive Officer of the company. He has an experience of 6 years in the field of civil aviation infrastructure development since 2008 and is responsible for the infra development of the Heliport. Along with it he has 5 years of experience in Real Estate Development. He is heading all affairs of Trauma Centre at Woodstock Heliport .


Capt Pritish Mahindre

Capt Pritish Mahindre, Vice President

An Experienced professional with 7 years in Marketing and Sales, real estate and 3 years as a commercial Pilot with license held from Federal Aviation Administration (USA), Civil Authority of Philippines and India. He has also served as a Certified Flight Instructor for 2 years in the Philippines in fixed winged aircrafts with a total Aviation experience of over 5 years.


Mr Ashiwinikumar Chawarpatil, GM

Ashwinikumar Chawarpatil, General Manager

A highly qualified diligent professional, with over 4 professional degrees under his belt, Mr ChawarPatil has an experience of over 14 years in fields of people and mass management. He has 9 Years of experience in micro and macro Operation Management, Project coordination and quality assurance. A span of over 5 years of his career also saw him develop a niche in Land development, buildings and infrastructure.


Capt Dilip Singh

Capt. Dilip Singh, Manager - Flight Ops

With an experience of over 8 years in the Aviation Sector and 4 years of flying experience, Capt Singh is a skilled aviator and has served in the capacity of a Flight Instructor and ground instructor. And now he is using his experience to head the Flight Ops Department. He is responsible for all flight operations during the daytime, overseer of aircraft loading, maintenance logs before each flight and flight clearances.

Capt Manish Singh

Capt. Manish Singh, Manager - Flight Safety

Capt Manish Kumar Singh has served as a Certified Ground and Flight Instructor in various flight schools overseas for over 5 years. He is well versed with the Indian weather system and hence holds the key to ensure safe operations of all flights. He is responsible to monitor the weather and wind pattern, ensure flight resources are available, carry out route checks, validate maintenance logs, oversee refuelling and validate loadsheets before each flight.