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The Woodstock Heliport is located 4.8 kms from the Pune side toll towards Mumbai and falls to the left of the Mumbai – Pune Yeshwantrao Chavan Expressway with coordinates 18.70705,73.602475.

To the north of the premise at a distance of 1 km is a relief feature with the apex point at 3,500ft MSL  and 1 km to the south is the River Pawna that is a monsoon fed system. Eastern premises of the heliport is relatively plain as compared to the western region where the area gets hilly, wherein the edge of Deccan plateau begins to descend into the Western coastal plains. The relief feature to the north of the premise is also the highest point in the local region around the heliport facility until the next higher point is reached 200 kms south-east of the location.