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Customized Services

Woodstock Helicopters can offer their clients customized services apart from charters and rentals. They involve addition of special equipment on the helicopter to facilitate completion of an aerial task such as the following :

1. Agricultural Crop Dusting

Spraying pesticides from on-board special spray equipment can easily and safely spread anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic medicines from the helicopter. The spray can be evenly and uniformly distributed over the crop with much more efficiency than employing a fixed wing aircraft owing to a helicopter’s ability to hover over a particular spot. The ability of very slow speed flight ensures uniform distribution.

2. Terrain Mapping and Geophysical Surveillance

Geophysical surveys for precious metals using helicopters for carriage of under-slung electromagnetic sensors suspended on a long line is a highly specialized aerial task. For the purpose of construction of infrastructure, contour mapping, weather dating and terrain mapping of local areas, Woodstock Helicopters can facilitate such equipment on the helicopters to offer such services from the air.

3. High Tension Wire cleaning

HT lines are best tackled by personnel from the air. Equipment loaded on the Helicopters provide spray cleaning from a safe distance away from the high voltages and the adverse effects of heavy electromagnetic field associated with them.

4. Industrial, Resendential, Forest Fire-Fighting

Dousing forest fires by air-lifting massive buckets full of water or other fire hydrant and pouring over the effected area. A group of 3-5 such helicopters can easily and safely douse out large fires over a large area thereby rendering the ground fire-fighting department to carry on safe operations to douse out the remainders. Same may be applied to the other areas.

5. Flower Petal Showering

Make any occasion memorable let the soft petals shower upon you and your guests from the Heavens. We ensure on time and on spot flower petal showering by our aircraft. Apart from the descending petals, the spectacle of an aircraft coming in to drop the flowers is very exciting to watch.

6. Leaflet Dropping

One of the best way to mass advertise. Choose the right occasion to make maximum impact by having the leaflets descend in large numbers and over considerable area like during a cricket match in a packed stadium, or large events like marriages or receptions. Here also, the site and sound of aircraft coming in to release the leaflets ensures attention of a large target audience to get the maximum publicity.

7. Film and Television Industry

Woodstock Helicopters offers aviation support to the Television and Film industry. Indian production houses from Mumbai, Pune and other surrounding areas are welcome to use our machines for the purpose of filming aerial shots and motions pictures.

8. Joy Rides

Last but not the least. Joy rides! Enjoy the thrill of being airborne with your friends and loved ones, and see the landscape passing beneath you slowly. It is an experience which you would never get in any other airplane, as you are sitting right next to the Pilot and can observe how the airplane is flown.