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Air Ambulance

Time saved is a life saved.

It is this belief that has helped us deliver time saving solutions through Woodstock Helicopter’s Air Ambulance Services on the Mumbai Pune Expressway. The Woodstock Heliport site is 4.8 kms from the toll heading towards Mumbai from Pune. The air ambulance provided by Woodstock Helicopters is not just simply an air lift to a nearby hospital to save time like most others, but for a quicker air lift to the country’s first on-site, state of the art trauma center at the Woodstock Heliport Site itself, operated 24×7 by skilled staff. This ensures the time between air-lift and the medical facility is shortened by 45 minutes even in a helicopter! Not only does it give the patient the fastest means to medical help, but also a helicopter’s capability of reaching inaccessible areas makes it indispensable during emergencies.

Emergencies happen without warning. And they don’t always happen at places accessible by road. And in any case, time is always of the essence. This is where a helicopter can be a lifesaver.

The sensitive nature of Medical Air Transport needs to be underscored by a service that guarantees precision, reliability and confidence.

Our Air Ambulance Services include::

  • Medical Repatriation
  • Urgent Hospitals Transfers
  • Stand-by Ambulance
  • Air-lift to our on-site Trauma Centre and ICU.

We know how time is important, because we understand that time saved is a life saved.

The cost of medical repatriation and air-lift will be covered in the patient's insurance while travelling on the expressway after paying a small premium included in the slightly raised toll tariff.


The Woodstock Heliport has an on-site Level – IV trauma center along the expressway. Which means, a fully functional emergency medical care facility in reach for most road accident victims within 40 minutes of dispatch.

Woodstock Helicopters has built the trauma center on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) basis. Upon completion, according to the tender floated by the State Govt. of Maharashtra, Woodstock Helicopters shall transfer the operations of the facility to Govt of Maharashtra/MSRDC which will run the facility through their health department independently.

The Level – IV Trauma Center is well equipped with minor OTs, recovery rooms, general wards, waiting rooms, pantry, attached lavatories and bathrooms with each room, pharmacy, staff cabin and Doctor’s cabin along with a fleet of road ambulances. The Trauma center is intended to be manned by doctors around the clock. On call doctors and medical crew will also be available depending on situations and need of the hour.