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Woodstock Helicopters Pvt. Ltd. has also entered into an Aviation infrastructure setup with a full fledged Helicopter Maintenance Repair and overhaul facility approved by the governing authority of India. For this purpose a large hangar is being setup at the heliport which would be equipped with state-of-the-art repairing and maintenance equipment and qualified staff.

The MRO will serve most of the existing Helicopters in the area.

The MRO is intended to be up in service by the end of July 2015.

The MRO at Woodstock Heliport will involve fixing any sort of mechanical, plumbing or electrical device should it become out of order or broken. 

Maintenance types :

Generally speaking, there are three types of maintenance in use:

  • Preventive maintenance, where equipment is maintained before break down occurs. This type of maintenance has many different variations and is subject of various researches to determine best and most efficient way to maintain equipment. Recent studies have shown that Preventive maintenance is effective in preventing age related failures of the equipment. For random failure patterns which amount to 80% of the failure patterns, condition monitoring proves to be effective.
  • Operational maintenance, where equipment is maintained in -using.
  • Corrective maintenance, where equipment is maintained after break down. This maintenance is often most expensive because worn equipment can damage other parts and cause multiple damages.

Due to the number of devices or products that need to be maintained or the complexity of systems, there is a need to manage the information with software packages. Software tools will be used to help engineers and technicians in increasing the system availability and reducing costs and repair times as well as reducing material supply time and increasing material availability by improving supply chain communication.

As MRO involves working with an organization’s products, resources, suppliers and customers, MRO packages will be effectively interfaced with the Woodstock Helicopter’s enterprise business software. The MRO software will overlook the following along :

  • Planning operations,
  • Managing execution of events,
  • Management of assets (parts, tools and equipment inventories),
  • Knowledge-base data on:
    • Maintenance service history,
    • Serial numbered parts,
    • Reliability data: MTBF, MTTB (mean time to breakdown), MTBR (mean time between removals),
    • Maintenance and repair documentation and best practices,
    • Warranty/guarantee documents